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Payment info: You can pay with any of the following ways: 1) Money transfer to FINNISH bank account. For most countries inside of EU this transfer is for free! Just ask from your bank for the details. Bank Account number (IBAN): FI7210585000101418 BIC: NDEAFIHH Account owner name: Jukka Nakari Bank name: Nordea bank, Finland 2) PayPal. There will be a fee of 5% added for PayPal payments because of their fees and the bullshit with the currency rates (feel free to send as gift if you wanna avoid that and your PayPal account accepts this). 3) Well-hidden money by post - ON YOUR RISK - in special cases only. Please write first! Just ask if you have questions! Jukka Nakari IISAKINTIE 18 37560 LEMPAALA FINLAND EUROPE *) sent by post **) sent by courier -Most LP's fit in 500 grams and the postages will be cheaper! The extra money will be refunded or sent back with the records!!! -We will make our best to pack the records in a way to minimize the possible damage during the shipping

Postikulut Suomessa

250g kirje (1-2 x 7″ tai 1-2 cd)= 2,4€
500g kirje (3-4 x 7″ tai 3-4 cd) = 4,8€
Maksimipostit Suomessa 5,9€


Suomalaisten tilaukset tulee maksaa ainoastaan tilisiirrolla alla olevalle tilille!!!

Tilinumero (IBAN): FI72105850001014 18
Tilin omistaja: Jukka Nakari
Pankki: Nordea

Jos haluat maksaa Paypalilla, lisätään hintaan Paypalin kulut 5%.

Voit myös lähettää rahat kirjeessä – omalla vastuullasi!!! Tämä ei ole suositeltavaa. Ylimääräiset palautetaan tilauksen mukana.

Jukka Nakari

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